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[Selenium Tutorial] Selenium Grid Overview

3 Dec

This slide will provide for us overview about selenium grid basically

– What is Grid?
– What is Grid Computing
– Selenium Grid
– Selenium Grid Architecture

I got this from Internet

Copyright by Kangeyan Passoubady (Kangs)
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[Slide] Selenium Tutorial – How to Install Selenium RC – step by step

6 Jul

This document will help you to setup Selenium RC

– JRE 1.5 or later
– Selenium RC Server
– Ruby Selenium Client
– Try to run an example with Ruby Test

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You can download in link
There are more slides about Selenium Tutorial, I will upload later.

Hold a small tutorial group to learn Selenium

21 Jun

Hello everyone,

I am beginner in investigating about Selenium, so I’d like to hold a small group with everyone who likes to investigate Selenium like me or who had already experience with Selenium and want to share your knowledge. If you are interested in, please register by commenting in here or sending email to me mycollection.online@yahoo.com with information as below
– Your name
– Your email
– Your experience about Selenium
– How many hours can you spend to investigate about Selenium per a week?

What you can get after we finish this investigation,
1. Learn how to work with a team and learn by yourself
2. Learn how to make presentation, write guideline in English
3. Get knowledge about Selenium in short time
4. Have new friends around the world

Let’s join together ^^

I expect our project will start from the beginning of July 2012 and ending about Nov 2012 depends on the number of registered persons. I will share detail plan after receiving your registration. Hope that we can cooperate to share knowledge about Selenium together.

Learn to share and share to know more ^^

[Slide] Tutorial document about advanced Selenium

9 Jun

What This Session Covers
1. Selenium’s scope
2. TestRunner techniques
3. Remote Control
4. Ajax
5. IDE
6. Extensions
7. Best practices

This document is so useful if you want to learn detail about Selenium.

Source from http://therichwebexperience.com
You can download in link

Download Selenium Tutorial Document for Beginner

4 Jun

This document includes below

1 Note to the Reader–Docs Being Revised for Selenium 2.0! 3
2 Introduction
3 Selenium-IDE
4 SeleniumWebDriver
5 WebDriver: Advanced Usage
6 Selenium 1 (Selenium RC)
7 Test Design Considerations
8 Selenium-Grid
9 User-Extensions
10 SeleniumWebDriver Cheat Sheet
11 How to Install the Android Driver 139
12 .NET client driver configuration 141
13 Importing Sel2.0 Project into Eclipse using Maven 145
14 Importing Sel2.0 Project into IntelliJ Using Maven 147
15 Selenium 1.0 Java Client Driver Configuration
16 Python Client Driver Configuration 179
17 Locating Techniques
18 Migrating From Selenium RC to SeleniumWebDriver 185

You can download in here

Selenium tutorial lesson by video

4 Jun

Please refer in here http://qtpselenium.com/selenium-tutorial/

It is so useful

Selenium Tutorial for Beginner/Tips for Experts

2 Jun

Selenium tutorial/overview

1. Selenium Introduction

2. Selenium Installation

3. Getting Started/Selenium RC steps

4. Selenium Tips and Quirks/FAQ

5. Extending Selenium

6. Selenium 2(pros/cons)

7. Load testing with selenium

8. Good Resources

9. Alternatives to Selenium

Source: http://www.jroller.com/selenium/category/Java