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Hold a small tutorial group to learn Selenium

21 Jun

Hello everyone,

I am beginner in investigating about Selenium, so I’d like to hold a small group with everyone who likes to investigate Selenium like me or who had already experience with Selenium and want to share your knowledge. If you are interested in, please register by commenting in here or sending email to me mycollection.online@yahoo.com with information as below
– Your name
– Your email
– Your experience about Selenium
– How many hours can you spend to investigate about Selenium per a week?

What you can get after we finish this investigation,
1. Learn how to work with a team and learn by yourself
2. Learn how to make presentation, write guideline in English
3. Get knowledge about Selenium in short time
4. Have new friends around the world

Let’s join together ^^

I expect our project will start from the beginning of July 2012 and ending about Nov 2012 depends on the number of registered persons. I will share detail plan after receiving your registration. Hope that we can cooperate to share knowledge about Selenium together.

Learn to share and share to know more ^^


[Test tool] [Selenium] Learn how to use Selenium with Maven/Ant to automate testing of web apps

29 May

San Francisco Java User Group presents Chris Bedford who talks about:
– How to write functional tests with Selenium (including explaining its IDE, architecture, RC, and alternatives like Canoo WebTest)
– How to set up Selenium testing for web apps in continuous integration using Maven, Ant, Cargo, etc.
– How to use Hudson for build server (brief overview)

January 12, 2010 in San Francisco, CA