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[Slide] Selenium Tutorial – How to Install Selenium RC – step by step

6 Jul

This document will help you to setup Selenium RC

– JRE 1.5 or later
– Selenium RC Server
– Ruby Selenium Client
– Try to run an example with Ruby Test

(Source from Internet)

You can download in link
There are more slides about Selenium Tutorial, I will upload later.


How to write effective GUI test automation code using Selenium and Java

12 Jun

Just searching on Internet and got this document. In this presentation, you can get some useful information about how to write effective GUI test automation code using Selenium and Java

1. Introduction: What’s Selenium
2. What we achieved
3. 7 good practices using Capture Replay Tools

– GUI element repository.

– Division of data and script.
– Model the test objects.
– Establish standard functions and methods using “speaking” names.
– Central management of environment information.
– Divide common from project specific stuff. Use layering.
– Generate a useful test report
4. What’s missing in Selenium and how we closed the gap
5. Forecast

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20 ebooks help you to improve your English skill

10 Jun

1. Dictionary Cambridge English Grammar – Check Your Vocabulary for IELTS
2. Advanced English C A E Grammar Practice
3. American Accent Training
4. Basic English Usage-Oxford
5. Cambridge – English Vocabulary in Use – Elementary
6. Cambridge – English Vocabulary in Use – Pre-int Int
7. Cambridge – English Vocabulary in Use – Upp Adv
8. English Grammar–OUP–The Oxford Guide to English Usage
9. Essential Grammar in Use Supplementary Exercises
10. Ins and Outs of Prepositions
11. Jossey-Bass – English Brainstormers
12. L. Rozakis–English Grammar for the Utterly Confused
13. Longman English Grammar Practice Intermediate Self Study Edition
14. New Grammar Practice pre-int with key
15. NTC’s American Idioms Dictionary
16. Phrasal Verb
17. Speak English LAA 1
18. The A-Z of Correct English Common Errors in English
19. WEBSTER Essential vocabulary
20. Word Formation In English
Link download in here part1, part2

Source: e-thuvien.com

[Slide] Tutorial document about advanced Selenium

9 Jun

What This Session Covers
1. Selenium’s scope
2. TestRunner techniques
3. Remote Control
4. Ajax
5. IDE
6. Extensions
7. Best practices

This document is so useful if you want to learn detail about Selenium.

Source from http://therichwebexperience.com
You can download in link

Download Selenium Tutorial Document for Beginner

4 Jun

This document includes below

1 Note to the Reader–Docs Being Revised for Selenium 2.0! 3
2 Introduction
3 Selenium-IDE
4 SeleniumWebDriver
5 WebDriver: Advanced Usage
6 Selenium 1 (Selenium RC)
7 Test Design Considerations
8 Selenium-Grid
9 User-Extensions
10 SeleniumWebDriver Cheat Sheet
11 How to Install the Android Driver 139
12 .NET client driver configuration 141
13 Importing Sel2.0 Project into Eclipse using Maven 145
14 Importing Sel2.0 Project into IntelliJ Using Maven 147
15 Selenium 1.0 Java Client Driver Configuration
16 Python Client Driver Configuration 179
17 Locating Techniques
18 Migrating From Selenium RC to SeleniumWebDriver 185

You can download in here

Efficient JavaScript unit testing (Video + Slide)

2 Jun