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Testing Experience – the Magazine for Professional Testers (June 18th 2012)

1 Jun

1. Load Testing: Respect the Difference by Alexander Podelko

2. Managing Technical Test Debt by Bob Galen

3. A personal approach and value-chain thinking – Two pillars of successful testing by Derk-Jan de Grood

4. A Morning Revelation by David Zisner

5. Critical Success Factors for a Test Center of Excellence by Erik van Veenendaal

6. The Test Center of Excellence by Mariya Vankovych

7. The DNA of a Highly Effective Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE) by Nishant Pandey

8. Transformation To A Test Center Of Excellence (TCoE): Decentralization To Centralization Approach by Venkatesh Sriramulu, Ramakrishnan Subramanian, Prasad Ramanujam & Swaathiga KN

9. Dependencies walkthroughs – footprints to effective testing by Jacky Kayan Cheung

10. Setting up a Testing Competence Center of Excellence: Making the Process Personal
by Thomas Veltman

11. Building an Effective Center of Excellence for Testing: A Case Study and the Way Forward

by Muhammad Dhiauddin Mohamed Suffian & Redzuan Abdullah

12. Moving Towards a Mature Test Center of Excellence by Kunal Jadhav

13. The Future of Test Centers: A New Vision by Kaspar van Dam & Tjerko van der Wouden

14. A SPICE compatible Process Assessment Model for TPI® by Sven Koos

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