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[Slide] Automated Web Testing with Selenium for beginners

6 Jun

You can find useful information for this presentation.

1. What is Selenium?

– Test tool for web applications
– Runs in any mainstream browser
– Supports tests in many languages
– Selenese (pure HTML, no backend required)
– Java, C#, Perl, Python, Ruby
– Record/playback (Selenium IDE)
– Open Source with corporate backing
– Lives at selenium.openqa.org

2. Demo

– Record a test in Selenium IDE
– Show same test written in Java

You can download in link

Source from Erik Doernenburg, ThoughtWorks


How to setup and run Java Test tool (junit, emma) for beginners

5 Jun

Searching on Internet and find a useful slide for beginners with Java Test Tool

JUnit is a testing harness for unit test

Emma is a code coverage tool

You can find how to setup and run these test tool in this slide.

It is simple and easy to apply. Enjoy it by yourself

You can download in link