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How to add FEEDJIT Live Traffic Widget in your wordpress blog

3 Jun

About the Widget. FEEDJIT widget will display in your WordPress.com blog, an up-to-the-moment-you-entered-this-page list of the traffic of visitors to your site. This means a feed, like the one shown above, will appear in a sidebar or footer of your blog with a list of the most recent visitors to the website. The feed shows the flag, city and country of the visitor, and how long ago that visitor entered the website. Since WordPress.com do not allow javascript widgets, the feed will not refresh until you or your visitor go to a new page or refresh the current page.

If you install the widget on your site and click the Watch Live link, you will see a live traffic feed of the visitors to your site. Of course, if you only get a couple of visits per hours it could be long before you see the feed update…

How Do I Install This Widget on WordPress.com? Installing the FEEDJIT widget on your site is simple. First, obtain the HTML code from FEEDJIT site. Second, install the code on your blog. That is all. Please follow the instructions below.

Obtaining the HTML Code

Step A – Visit FEEDJIT Non-Java Page. Visit the FEEDJIT site providing the non-java HTML code. CLICK HERE. Do not go to FEEDJIT home page because it will lead you to the widget code using javascript which is not permitted by WordPress.com.

Step B – Customize Your Widget. FEEDJIT allows you to customize the widget you will insert in your blog. You can change text color, heading color, background color, borders color, the widget width and the number of entries that will show. Use these options to match your blog theme colors, to match the width available on your site and to control how long your widget will be. If the widget width is bigger than the space available on your site, it will truncate, showing parts of the widget only. Also, the more entries you choose for your widget, the longer it will be. This will impact how your site looks and the other widgets on your sidebar. Choose wisely.

Step C – Copy the HTML Code to the Clipboard. Once you complete customizing your widget, you just need to copy the HTML code provided in the box. Click inside the box to highlight the code and copy it (right-click and select copy).

Installing the Code on Your Blog

Once you have copied the HTML code, you can install the widget in your blog.

Source http://lifenbits.com