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[Slide] Automated Web Testing with Selenium for beginners

6 Jun

You can find useful information for this presentation.

1. What is Selenium?

– Test tool for web applications
– Runs in any mainstream browser
– Supports tests in many languages
– Selenese (pure HTML, no backend required)
– Java, C#, Perl, Python, Ruby
– Record/playback (Selenium IDE)
– Open Source with corporate backing
– Lives at selenium.openqa.org

2. Demo

– Record a test in Selenium IDE
– Show same test written in Java

You can download in link

Source from Erik Doernenburg, ThoughtWorks


[Selenium] The Magic of Testing – Presentation

5 Jun

This presentation includes

1. What is Selenium
2. Why Selenium
3. Testing using record/playback and scripting tool
4. Selenium Grid
5. Benefits
6. The Problem
7. Conclusion

Source: http://www.uet.edu.pk/

Download in link