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how to set up an environment and test Android application using Selenium

19 Jun

Android WebDriver allows to run automated end-to-end tests that ensure your site works correctly when viewed from the Android browser. Android WebDriver supports all core WebDriver APIs, and in addition to that it supports mobile spacific and HTML5 APIs. Android WebDriver models many user interactions such as finger taps, flicks, finger scrolls and long presses. It can rotate the display and interact with HTML5 features such as local storage, session storage and application cache.

We try to stay as close as possible to what the user interaction with the browser is. To do so, Android WebDriver runs the tests against a WebView (rendering component used by the Android browser) configured like the Android browser. To interact with the page Android WebDriver uses native touch and key events. To query the DOM, it uses the JavaScript Atoms libraries.

This link is good to learn how to setup and test Android app using Selenium


How to setup Ubuntu + Vitural Box on Windows 7

8 Jun

I am starting with learning Ruby, so need to setup Ubuntu. For Linux, Ruby is supported well.

Actually, you also setup on Windows by downloading setup from this link

+ Ruby:

+ Rubygem: