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Good link for testing

26 Aug


Test Automation with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010: Coded UI Tests and Lab Management

27 May

Khắc phục lỗi “reader.exe” khi dùng Mobipocket Reader 6.2

28 Nov

Mình đang dùng Mobipocket Reader để đọc truyện thì hôm qua mở ứng dụng này ra thì bị thông báo lỗi này:
“reader.exe – application Error
the instruction at “0x781472d7” referenced memory at “0x01290000”. the memory could not be “written”.
click on Ok to terminate the program.
click on Cancel to debug the program.”

Mình đã gỡ đi và cài lại Mobipocket Reader mà vẫn bị như vậy. Mình đang dùng phiên bản 6.2 mà cài lại 6.0 vẫn lỗi như vậy. (Mình dùng máy tính bàn Win Xp)

Cách khắc phục khá đơn giản: Vào thư mục chứa sách 

C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\My eBooks

Cách 1: Delete tất cả các file tạm (.mbp) và remove tất cả các ebook của bạn sang một nơi khác.

Cách 2: Nếu cách 1 không thành công, đơn giản bạn đổi tên thư mục My eBooks thành 1 tên gì khác, rồi mở ra và dùng bình thường.Sau đó khởi động lại và dùng bình thường

Sau mấy lại remove và cài lại MobilePocket Reader không thành công, cuối cùng dùng cái cách đơn giản nhất và khá hiệu quả ^^


[English] List of website to learn English free

26 May


  This site provide all materials (audio, book, …)  for learning English by yourself with free

  A downloadable self-study English course used by professionals and university students



 Learning English and find online friends around the worlds. It is so cool with many free lessons, English forums, Learn English Vocabulary, Chat room, Make friends…



It can help you improve your written and spoken English with lessons, articles and interactive tests and exercises. 

Here is a quick guide to what you can find on the site.

English Speaking This is one of the most popular areas. It’s packed with tips and advice to improve your speaking so that you become more fluent and confident with your spoken English. Take a look at our 8 tips for better English speaking skills or Greetings a mini-guide of essential information on meeting and introducing yourself to people.

English Pronunciation While the Speaking section helps you find the correct words to use, the Pronunciation section gives tips actually saying the words, so that native English speakers will understand you easier.

Grammar Our comprehensive English Grammar section covers everything you need – articles, tenses and more. Popular pages in the Grammar section include Linking Words and Direct and Indirect Questions

Vocabulary In our vocabulary and idioms section you’ll find help with many different subjects, from using a dictionary, how to describe people and behaviour as well as lots of tips to help improve your vocabulary.

Games Enough work – time for fun! Try our growing selection of games and quizzes to help improve your English.

Need reading practice? Try our Reading page – it’s regularly updated to help you practise your reading skills. If you need help with business, the world of work and other real-life situations, make sure you visit the Business English section too.



Make friends online and find free pen pals from around the world on the most popular penpal site. Learn a language, meet new friends, share photos and join …



Provide free English conversation lessons online, you can chat with friends around the world to improve your speaking skill



KanTalk makes it easy and fun to practice spoken English
Topic: Find a topic that interests you 
Conversation: Practice with others on the topic you choose 
Community: Share your topics, recordings and videos



Sounds of English is a website designed for learners of English and their teachers. It combines material made by both Sharon Widmayer and Holly Gray.

This site includes: our favorite links, handouts from presentations we have made

English pronunciation pages – pictures, sounds, and videos to help you with English pronunciation.

Activities and exercises for English pronunciation and listening.

Tips for teachers: listening exercises with printable worksheets and teacher guides.





Have fun with learning English ^^ 





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